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Industrial filters of hydraulic filters, air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, coolant filters, air/oil separator filters and assemblies for engineering construction and air compressors.

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Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic filter elements for engineering and construction are suppplyed in Tamfiney Filter. Especially for the replacement filters in aftermarket. Manufacturing with high quality media for surance.

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Raw Material Control

Imported raw filter material with high purity from the premier suppliers are subject to strict quality control checks, and test it before mass production. Improve the filter media and performance to reach OEM standards.

Kinds of Construction Filters

All kinds of construction machinery filters are contained, manufacturing more than 4000 kinds of hydraulic filters, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, more than 1000 kinds in stock, suitable for all kinds of wholesaler customers.

In-house R&D

In order to reduce the air contact time of the medium, our micro-glass fiber, filter paper and screen net are all manufactured in the dust-free workshop. They are glued also in the dust-free workshop.

On-Time and Safe Delivery

Production status weekly report and professional logistic service from our long-time partners to make sure timely arrival to your warehouse. Checked by the quanity and reference before ordering.

Superior Customer Service

Depending on more than 20 years experience in filtration industry, our experienced and professional sales and technical team, will help you at any time when you have any questions or troubles.

Guaranteed Quality

All products are tested in waterproof, high temperature, high pressure and impact resistant laboratory to ensure the performance of corresponding price. If any quality problems, we will start the compensation program to solve your worries.

Research and Development of No Bounds

Filtering efficiency is the life of the filters. Using good media with high efficiency, also with maximize media surface area to ensure high efficiency. We have the performance test for the media before assembling the filters.
As an industrial filter manufacturer, the filters that we supplied have different requirement:
Hydraulic filter:  In hydraulic system, clean hydraulic oil must be cleaned. Hydraulic filter must be greater filtration efficiency and higher dust-holding capacity
Air filter: lower pressure drops through increased media area or newer synthetic medias to achieve the desired efficiencies and save energy.
Fuel filters: separator fuel and water directly by steps to ensure cleaning fuel in suing

Ask Us Anything

Replacement methods for engine filters and industrial filters for heavy duty lines. Also any questions about hydraulic filters.

Hydraulic oil must be filtered by many steps of hydraulic filters.For example, suction strainer, return filter, transmission filter and other pressure filters. Hydraulic strainers can prevent the filling of a pump’s chambers, reducing its effectiveness and efficiency. This can become a problem when the strainers get clogged, and a common culprit is grease. If grease finds its way into the hydraulic fluid, it will eventually disintegrate and cause minimal problems at most. However, if it encounters a strainer or the hydraulic filters on its path through the system, there will be nothing. If it clogs the strainer, starve the pump, and cause severe issues with cavitation. If enough pressure builds up, the filters can fail and introduce steel mesh particles into the hydraulic fluid. That type of damage can quickly reach catastrophic levels.

You can change the return filters after 1000hous working time.
Replacement steps:
1. Place the machine on the flat ground, fully retract the dipper, stick and boom cylinder to the ground, shut down the engine, and start the operation after the oil temperature drops
2. Screw the hydraulic system to pressure relief, release the pressure of the hydraulic system, cut off the power and close the pilot lock.
3. Press the vent valve of the hydraulic breathing valve to release the pressure in the hydraulic tank.
4. Open the filter element cover, take out the spring and filter element.
5. Replace filter element and sealing ring respectively, put back spring and install filter element cover

It is impossible to clean inline fuel filter or diesel filter which are explicated for cars and heavy duty industrial equipment. They are total made by paper media. It can’t be cleaned by water or oil

It will depend on the system. Primary filters are usually 5 to 30 micron. 5 micron will stop water, so if the filter bowl fills with water the filter will stop the engine before water is passed into the fuel system. Smalle micron rating for secondary filters.
Most engines have a secondary filter, usually a 2 micron spin on, mounted on the engine. With good primary filters, these seldom get clogged. It’s a good idea to replace the secondary filters every year, or as the engine manufacturer recommends . The filter element may start to break down over time if ignored.

The air precleaner filters the air entering the engine cylinder for the first time, and the filtered dust and other impurities gather in the duck beak tube. The dust and impurities filtered out by the air precleaner are more, so they must be removed in time.
Pinch the duckbill nozzle to remove the dust and impurities in the pipe. Generally, it should be removed every 3000km or so. If it is driven on a dusty road, it should be removed every two days.

Yes, because it helps ensure your engine is lubricated with clean oil which can provide optimal engine performance. See your vehicle owner’s manual for the recommended oil change interval, or follow the oil life monitoring system, if equipped.

The service life of the drying tank has a great relationship with the service environment. Generally speaking, when the farthest air storage tank from the air compressor can discharge water, it proves that the dryer has tended to be invalid, and a new air dryer for truck should be replaced immediately.

You can change the water filter every 2 years or 40,000km after using. The changing steps are as follows:

Before installation:

  1. Remove radiator cap. Caution: follow safety precautions from engine manufacturer. Radiator cap may be hot. System may be under pressure.
  2. Unscrew and remove the old filter and seal gasket.
  3. Wipe filter mounting base/head with a clean cloth.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Apply a thin film of clean motor oil to the new filter gasket. Do not use grease.
  2. To avoid cross-threading, line up the filter threads to the mounting base/head carefully. Screw the new filter on until the gasket contacts the base.
  3. Follow the instructions on the filter for final tightening torque specification.

The air filter with radial seal is equipped with lubricating grease for easy installation. That will make the surface smooth, you can install easily and conveniently.

Principle is Centrifugal Force to eliminate heavy particles (Water and Dirt). The followsing factors that we also need to consider:

1.Size – Compact in equivalent flow rate model

2.Range – as wide range of models according to Flow rate and Application

3.Price – The right price with performance filtration.

4.Integration – Easy to install. have additionally Water Sensors, Heating Coil if application require, have duplex models.

5.Efficiency – Claims almost 100% filtration efficiency