Fuel Filter Manufacturers

Fuel filter manufacturers are the manufacturers for fuel filters. Fuel filter is an important member in the fuel system, which performs the initial works of the fuel system, fuel filter screens out dirt, debris and rust particles from the fuel. and flows purified fresh fuel to the Injectors or Carburetor. It is installed between the fuel pump and the fuel inlet manifold in the cylinder head, operates under pressure. Normally fuel filter replacement can be 30000 miles or 50000 Kilometers.

Because of the bad working environment, heavy load, variable load and other factors, the diesel engine for construction machinery plays a decisive role in the performance of the diesel engine. The filtering performance fuel filter for construction machinery cannot be ignored. The more functions are:

Filter the fuel to make the fuel burn more effectively, and improve the performance of the car and the engine.

Provide the best protection for sensitive fuel system components, prevent expensive injector damage, and improve the service life of downstream filter. Keep the whole engine running smoothly.

Lubricate the fuel system. Because of the viscosity of the fuel, it avoids the friction between the fuel pad and the moving part of the infusion pump, thus reducing the wear of the components and ensuring the stability of the flow.

Save time and money by eliminating unplanned maintenance and unplanned downtime caused by system component failures.

Stabilize the fuel pressure. Because the fuel pressure regulating valve is installed inside the fuel filter element.

Cooling, by circling through the infusion framework and retaining undesirable warmth.

Types of Fuel Filters

Fuel filter manufacturers distinguish the fuel filter by fuel filter cross reference and fuel filter micron. But in aftermarket fuel filter, we classify as follows:

Filter out the solid impurities (iron oxide, dust, etc.) contained in the fuel oil, so as to protect the nozzle, cylinder liner and piston ring of the oil pump, which can not only greatly reduce the wear, but also avoid the blockage. In particular, sulfur will react directly with water to generate sulfuric acid, which will corrode the internal parts of the engine. (the water removal method is mainly sedimentation). 

In order to reduce the failure of fuel injector and extend the service life of engine, the moisture in diesel oil is removed. The principle is mainly based on the density difference between water and fuel, using the principle of gravity sedimentation to remove impurities and moisture separator. There are 2 micron fuel filter and 10 micron fuel filter in accurate data.

also called gasoline filter, It is used to remove impurities in gasoline. Gasoline filter is divided into carburetor type and electronic injection type. For gasoline engine with carburetor, the gasoline filter is located at the inlet side of the oil transfer pump, with small working pressure. Generally, nylon shell is used for electronic injection engine.

protecting custom fuel system from large debris and contaminants. The material is cu mesh, stainless steel mesh and Nylon net.

Filter bowl is installed in the fuel filter and fuel water separator filter. So we called replacement water bowl kit usually. It is so important in the fuel filter which can hold 0.5 liters of water, which ensures the high efficiency and reliability of the fuel supply system.


Know More Tamfiney Fuel Filters? Cross Reference, Dimentions, Weight and so on…

Working Principle

There are 3 principle for the fuel filter:

(1) Screening effect: when the fluid passes through the porous body, the impurity particles with the particle size in the fluid are intercepted on the surface by the porous body; the particles with the particle size smaller than the porous body pass through the porous body with the fluid.

Screening effect is the basic principle of filter. General metal mesh filter material and surface filter are filtered according to screening effect. Because the pore size of the filter material and the diameter of the impurity particles are not round, they are both equivalent pore size and equivalent particle size. Therefore, the intercepted particle size is much smaller than the pore diameter of the filter material.When the requirements for filtration efficiency are not high, for example, for the filtration of particles over 30 microns, the basic particle diameter is larger than the pore diameter of the filter material, so it is necessary to screen and intercept filtration.

(2) Brownian motion and aggregation and adhesion of particles

The impurity particles in the fluid move in an irregular Brownian motion all the time. When they move to the pore wall of the porous body, they are stuck in a small area on the pore wall and filtered by the porous body.

Due to Brownian motion and liquid vibration, the apparent diameter of the particles increases gradually under the action of the surface binding force. As we all know, the surface energy of particles increases with the decrease of particle size (inverse relationship), and is proportional to the square root of the contact area between particles, so small particles are easy to gather and not easy to disperse.

(3) Separation of “affinity” and “alienation” effects of media (such as oil and water) by using filter materials

When the oil flow with tiny water drops enters into a kind of filter material (such as microporous filter paper with resin content of 27-32%), the oil flow will pass through the microporous filter material smoothly due to the affinity of the filter material to the oil; because of the “alienation” performance of the filter material to the water, the tiny water drops will not pass through the microporous filter material smoothly. Because of the infiltration effect of small water droplets on the fluff of the filter material, the small water droplets stay on the fluff of the filter material. The small water drops intercepted gradually increase, so that they gradually gather into large water drops. Under the action of oil pressure, water drops are pressed to the wedge-shaped path of the filter element to form larger water drops. Under the action of oil pressure, after the water drops pass through the filter material, they will settle down and fall into the water collecting cup under the action of their own quality.

At present, the most widely used in the world is to separate water from fuel oil. The better the “drainage” performance of filter material is, the better the effect of water separation is.

Our Features

Effective at capturing and retaining the particles that are most damaging to sensitive fuel system components.

By using extremely fine filter media of best fuel filter, the fuel is reliably freed of undesirable dirt particles.

Provide the required level of equipment protection and maintain warranty coverage

Manufacturing with the highest quality and performance standards

Greater dirt holding ability.

Precise and reliable fuel filter connections for 100% fuel filtration

Designed to prevent accidental interchange of primary and secondary elements when used with dual filter systems.

All fuel filters are designed to withstand minimum internal differential pressures of 75 psi to prevent any fuel filter problems.

Provide reasonable fuel filter price based on the filter media that you choosing.

Fuel filter parts by fuel filter manufacturers will be checked by quality one by one before mass production.

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1.At first the engine performance will be reduced.

2.Gas consumptions will be increasing.

3.Dashboard light will appear on, driving will be uncomfortable.

4.Engine Won’t Start smoothly, will take a long time for cranking.

5.The battery will be discharged.

6.Fuel Injectors and Fuel Line will be jammed.

7.Rusty fuel cannot burn properly and that’s why unburnt materials will be stored on the piston top.

8.The engine valve also can be damaged.

It will depend on the system. Primary filters are usually 5 to 30 micron. 5 micron will stop water, so if the filter bowl fills with water the filter will stop the engine before water is passed into the fuel system. Smalle micron rating for secondary filters.

Most engines have a secondary filter, usually a 2 micron spin on, mounted on the engine. With good primary filters, these seldom get clogged. It’s a good idea to replace the secondary filters every year, or as the engine manufacturer recommends . The filter element may start to break down over time if ignored.

Yes. Lack or engine power in all gears can be due to a lack of fuel getting to the injectors. Where is the fuel?? It may plugged by the bad fuel filter, so can’t arrive to the engine quickly.

It is impossible to clean inline fuel filter or diesel filter which are explicated for cars and heavy duty industrial equipment. They are total made by paper media. It can’t be cleaned by water or oil.

Fuel filter replacement cost will reference to the quality. Some of low quality filter with wood pulp paper is very cheap. But it’s not that the more expensive the better, we want to pursue the highest cost performance.  In particular, the filtering effect of filter paper plays an absolute role.

The difference is filtering capacity and the fuel type.