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Tamfiney Filter is one of the world-class filter manufacturers for automotive and construction machine dedicated to the domestic and foreign markets. There are hydraulic filter, fuel filter, oil filters, air filters, pollen filter, fuel water separator, air dryer and filter housing. Our customer-focused approach to the market enables us to focus on the continual improvement of our products, processes and services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

As a professional filter supplier located in Wenzhou, China, includes a manufacturing facility with fully Cover Preparing Machine for oil filter, Folding Machine for hydraulic filter, Injection Machine for air filter, Assembling, Packing As well as Testing machine for quality leakage testing by paper filtering capacity.

OEM Service

We can provide OEM service according to the brand authorized by the customer. If the quantity meets the requirement, we can make the color box designated by the customers.


All the Tamfiney filters are filmed according to the real object, and all the accessory materials and manufacturing processes are recorded truly

Intelligent Manufacturing

Mechanized equipment to ensure the production of a variety of standard hydraulic filters, to ensure the timely and fast delivery.

Quality Guarantee

We have a set of perfect quality inspection system and claim system to ensure the quality and the interests of customers.

Our Factory

Standard Workshop

The workshop design conforms to the quality system standard, in order to produce the unified standard, the qualified filter, each accessory has the standard machine production and the inspection

OEM Modelling

Standardized mold design, all filters are researched and designed according to OEM requirements, to ensure normal installation and using, easy to observe and replace at any time. Oil filters, fuel filters and air filters are using its own quality standard.

Our Team


The staff

Our sales staff will be on duty after strict training, including professional skills training and product knowledge teaching, to serve each customer, fully convey customer requirements, timely communication and coordination of contradictions, to ensure that customers receive accurate and high-quality filter products. The company is based on the market area and filter type distribution, everyone is responsible for their own area. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual market summary report and customer service report will be sent to customers on time. We hope our experience can help you in need!


In order to let customers have a deeper understanding of our factory and product quality offline, the exhibition is a necessary link for us. The exhibition will display the conventional and new products, and the company’s new research results in hydraulic filter, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. 

Canton Fair

Bauma Show

CTT Show

Join over a million people

As a special filter manufacturer, Our engineers researching for the application and media every year. Adding in our customer system, Filtration solution for replament filter elements will be sent every month. Especially for hydraulic filter and air filter for heavy duties.  The air compressor filters are also suplied in our production line now.