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Air filters are engine filters used to minimize or remove unwanted particulates or dusts by capturing it on the filter media from the air, the material that comprises the filter element. It helps to confine the entry of the solid and gaseous pollutants (pollens, dust, tire debris, smog) in the interiors of the engine, which could adversely affect the longevity of engine parts and cause wear and tear to the engine as well. All filters perform best when there’s a light coating of dust on them. Air filter suppliers should inform such to the air filtration retailer for professional training.

The role of air filter( ) cartridge is just like the respiratory system of human beings. Only by ensuring that the engine can inhale fresh and clean air, can the normal operation of the engine be ensured. The engine needs to inhale air and fuel to burn in the interior. Once there is dust and grit in the inhaled air, it will directly damage the working environment of the engine. The air quality will have a great impact for engine. Most air filter elements are located under the hood, in front of the carburetor or intake pipe. Air filter manufacturers to improve efficiency and help meet exhaust emission requirements, ensuring that the cylinders enter a sufficient amount of clean air. The functions are:

① Extend the working life of machinery, engines and appliances.An engine will use more air and provide more power and torque. All of this means that you will use less power for the everyday drive, which translates into the longer lifespan.

② Allow clean air flow to reach the engine, protect the engine from these contaminants, lengthening the maintenance cycle of the engine and it also improves the engine’s life.

③ Assist in the combustion process to power the vehicle most efficiently, improve power performances make the operation of an internal combustion engine smooth and effortless.

④ Engine will use less fuel,Improved fuel efficiency leads to superior fuel economy and power.

⑤ Boosts Engine Horsepower. The exact percentage boost depends on the size of your engine; but the change ranges from 2% to 4%. There is no way you will not notice this.

⑥ Torque, low consumption

Air Filter Type

There are many replacement air filter types for classification method. We never devided by air filter price or air filter sizes. Mostly by the application and function:

It is air filters for diesel engines in heavy duty trucks or construction machine. Due to the bad working environment, the performance air filter replacement of heavy vehicle must be majority. The first stage is a swirl pre filter (such as vane ring, swirl tube, etc.), which is used to remove coarse particles and impurities. The filtration efficiency is more than 80%. The second stage is a microporous paper filter element (generally called the main filter element), which has a filtration efficiency of more than 99.5%.

Also called vehicle air filter products for light cars. The air filter is generally single-stage. Its shape is oblate, elliptical and flat. The filter material is filter paper or nonwoven. The end cover of filter element is metal or molded urethane end caps encase the filter media and liners. , the shell material is metal or plastic. Under the rated air volume flow, the original filtering efficiency of the filter element shall not be less than 99.5%.


Air dryer filter is to dry and filter the compressed air from the automobile compressor, so that the impurities and water contained in the air will not enter the automobile braking system, so as to maintain the sensitivity and effectiveness of the automobile braking system. Avoid corrosion of brake parts due to water in the air.  It is used in heavy duty trucks mostly.


Know More Tamfiney Air Filters? Cross Reference, Dimentions, Weight and so on…

Working Principle

There are four different principles responsible for the filters capture of dust in a clean air filter. Air filter suppliers should consider these and air filter media together for better performance.

Impingement : Larger particles do not move around the fiber with the airstream and are carried into the fiber due to their speed, weight and size.

The effectiveness of the impingement process depends on the following:dust particle size, density of the dust, depth of the filter, velocity of the airflow

Interception : Interception occurs when a dust particle follows the air streamlines, but still comes in contact with the fiber as it passes around it. Interception is fiber-size dependent and is enhanced when the size of the fiber is closest to the size of the particle.

Diffusion : Explains the capture of very small particles.

Brownian Motion – the erratic path taken by minute particles because they are bombarded by other air (gas) molecules. This erratic path increases the probability that particles will come in contact with fibers.

Straining: Straining occurs when the smallest dimension of a dust particle is greater than the distance between adjoining media fibers.

Our Features

Our supplied air filters with precision embossed pleats and a variety of media base weights designed to maximize media surface area. With a larger media surface area, the filter can capture more pollutants while maintaining a low air flow limit for effective engine performance.

Full-life efficiency, last much longer than an ordinary air filter. In general, you can use it for years with proper maintenance.

Pressure drop, resistance to airflow are created by an air filter. We can provide lower pressure drops through increased media area or newer synthetic medias to achieve the desired efficiencies and save energy.

Efficiency levels. Provide more air to the engine. Our supplying air filters will provide 50% more air to the engine. This is extremely important if you are tuning your truck or you have increased the fuel flow to the engine. A conventional air filter cannot be tweaked to provide more air.

Higher efficiency media with higher dust holding capacity, They capture up to 99.98% of toxic dust, soot, and tyre particles.

Easy maintenance and cost-effective

Effortlessly works in extreme weather conditions

Maintains an optimum fuel-air ratio

As a professional air filter supplier, air filter lookup directly online in our web system. Many china air filter companies dont supply such system for air filter cross reference.

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Why Choose Us

1. PU foaming process

The rubber cover has high-quality polyurethane foam, precise control of temperature and humidity, softness and toughness, and is heavy in weight. Especially in winter, maintain the fixed size of the end cover and ensure a smooth surface.

2. Paper folding smooth and full

Professional equipment folding paper, with fixed height protrusions pressed on the surface of each fold, supports and ensures a fixed spacing between each fold, making the ripples uniform and beautiful, and preventing the filter paper from folding together.

3. Glue line process

At high temperatures, use imported fixing adhesive to evenly and firmly wrap the adhesive wire around the periphery of the origami, increasing the structural strength of the air filter and preventing faults such as increased pressure difference and shortened service life caused by deformation of the filter paper.


Yes, A high-end air filter will increase horsepower by up to 4%. If you increase the full flow, you can get more power from the same engine. Even without any modification, you can get 1% power increase with our high performance air filter only. An interesting fact is that this is the first upgrade when it comes to engine tuning when you want more power from your car.

YES! If your air filter appears dirty at oil change time or other service interval; CHANGE IT DON’T WAIT.

if the filter looks dirty, but actually the dirt is on the surface and the filter still passes more than 50% of it’s rated air flow without causing a pressure drop across it; THEN, it will have little if any affect on your gas mileage.

The air filter is actually loaded with fine dust that you can’t really see. When you crush the gas pedal into end, the pressure drop across the filter is small! So your dumps more fuel into the engine than it can burn, the excess slips past the rings and dilutes the oil.

You can ask your love car or trucks’ 4S shops directly. Or go to Ebay or Amazon with the air filter cross reference.

For Cars, usual paper, 10,000-15,000km

For Cars, Original/High quality expensive paper, 20,000-30,000km

For heavy-duty, usual paper,10,000-15,000km

For heavy-duty, Original/High quality expensive paper, 20,000-30,000km

For Oil-weted Air cleaner, it can be used repeated. As long as it can be cleaned and maintained on time.

(1) First of all, the filtration efficiency is higher, which should be over 99.99% in general; at the same time, the resistance is small, so as to ensure that the pressure and flow of the filtered gas change little;

(2) The filter material itself should have certain mechanical strength. It can not only withstand certain pressure, but also withstand the impact of air flow. It does not break, bristle, drop slag, oxidize or peel the surface layer in the dynamic air flow;

(3) The filter material has a long service life and is more convenient for maintenance and replacement;

(4) The shell and filter element support structure of the filter device are reasonable, which not only can bear the pressure, but also has good tightness and smooth inner wall, making the liquid drop and solid particles not easy to stay on the surface, and the wear resistance loss is very low, and under the air flow erosion, metal particles will not be produced.

(5) Economy and benefit are important factors, so the cost performance ratio should be appropriate.

The air filter is equivalent to the nose of the human being, which is the first “checkpoint” for the air to enter the engine. In spring, the air contains more dust and small grains of sand, so the air filter is easy to block. At this time, the engine will be hard to start, weak, unstable idling and other symptoms. In general, the air filter of a car needs to be changed every 20000 km, and checked every 10000 km. In spring, it’s better to check every 2000 km, which is good for the engine.