Tamfiney fuel filter is a pretty viable option if you are looking for a durable filter that will keep your fuel supply running in the good flow!

Weight360 g
Outsite Diameter

90 mm


8/8 mm


168 mm


VW, Ford


200 PCS


Fuel filter paper

Cross Reference For WK842/4

BOSCH 0450906238,
0986BF0400 0450906161, 0450906174, 0450906191, 0450906193, 0450906210, 0450906267, 0450906274, 450-906-161,450-906-174, 450-906-193, 450-906-210, 450-906-238, 450906267, BDF6174, N6174, N6267, N6274
CAV 7176507 DELPHI HDF507
FRAM P5328, PS5937, PS5938 PS7149
MAHLE KL42, KL55, KL75, KL77 KL75/1 KC42, KC55, KL77/1
MANN 6640559140 WK 841, WK 842/4 WK 851 MECAFILTER ELG5210
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UFI 24.365.01 24.400.00
VAG 191127401A, 191127401B, 191127401E, 191127401J, 191127401L, 191127401M, 191127401N, 1H0127401G, 2TA127401, 6N0127401B, 6N0127401C, 6N0127401D, 6N0127401E, 6N0127401Q, 6N0127401R AC Delco GF736, XD138,
XD9035E, XD9045E, XD9055E, AL Filter ALG2055, Alco MD972, SP972, Baldwin BF1215, Champion L114, Coopers Fiaam FP5219, FT5384, FT5385, Z1141, Delphi Lucas CAV 7176507, FF0060, HDF507, HDF516, Donaldson P552440 Fleetguard FF5312, Ford 5025096, 7200986 7249621, Kayser AK14DB,
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