Engine air filters can be replaced by anyone with two hands who can read a car manual or watch a YouTube installation guide. You should buy and install an engine air filter because it is a simple task that is rewarding to complete and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle.

Weight1666 g
Outsite Diameter

236 mm

Inside diameter

131 mm


324 mm


Case, Ford, Hino, John Deere, GM




Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For P527484

SAKURA A-5022-S Donaldson P527484+P527680

Primary Air Filter

AC Delco A1169C, A1169CF, Agco 116079W1, Baldwin PA2863, RS2863, Case IHC 1619027C1, 1619027-C1, 1686584C93, 1686584-C93, 1691027C1, 1691027-C1, Caterpillar 3I1550, Donaldson P185067, P522606, P527484, P529493, P530300, Fleetguard AF25220, AF4878, Ford F3HZ9601A, F3HZ-9601-A, F3HZ9601B, F3HZ-9601-B, F3HZ9601D, F3HZ-9601-D, F3HZ9601DC, F3HZ-9601-DC, Fram CA7139, CA7695, Hengst E668L, Hino 17801-3430A, 17801-3440, 17801-3440A, S177206401, John Deere RE34962, RE67124, Kalmar 90023953, Kralinator LA1403, Luberfiner LAF1878, Mann C24523, Motorcraft FA1119, FA1738, Purolator Facet A64699, Sakura A-5020, , Tecfil ARS2711, Vauxhall GM 15619013, 15696245, 88915422, Volvo 20188116, Wix MA1517, Woodgate WGA1110, WGA1111

Safety Air Filter

AIR REFINER-ARM527680 ; BALDWIN-RS3501 ; CATERPILLAR-3I1455 ; ELGIN-1044853 ,7044853 ; ; FLEETGUARD-AF25215 ; FORD-9576P527680 ,F3HZ9602A ,F3HZ9R500A ,F3HZ9R500B ; FRAM-CA7139SY ,CA7139SYBLK ; GOBY FILTERS-AG962016R ; HASTINGS-AF2193 ; HIFI SA16031 ; HINO-178013430 ; INGERSOLL RAND-16480902 ,16480902 ,20358388 ,RM20358388 ; JOHN DEERE-RE34963 ; KELTEC TECHNOLAB-KA45032 ; KRALINATOR-LA1430 ,LA14301 ; LUBER FINER-LAF3585 ; MANN C2791 ,CR791 ; MOTORCRAFT-FA1120 ; NAVISTAR-2595335C1 ; OTTAWA TRUCK-90032956 ; PUROLATOR-A54793 ,F3HZ9602A ,FA1120F3HZ9R500A ;SF-FILTER-SL8985 ; SULLIVAN PALATEK-5120755 ,5210755 ,00521075S ; SURE FILTER-SFA7680S ; TOMI-T542823 ; TOYOTA-S178013430 ; VMC-AF527680 ; VOLVO-20358388 WOODGATE-WGA1110S Donaldson EPG110119, EPG110120, G110119, G110120, P527680, P529494, P531751, Hengst E668LS, Purolator Facet A54793, AF2193, Sakura A-5021, Vauxhall GM 12544543, Wix MA1518

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