P181191 P522452

Pressure drop, resistance to airflow are created by an air filter. We can provide lower pressure drops through increased media area or newer synthetic medias to achieve the desired efficiencies and save energy.

Weight3523 g
Outsite Diameter

221/264 mm

Inside diameter

136 mm


455 mm


Caterpillar, Doosan , Hino, Kobelco




Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For P181191 P522452

Primary air filter

BALDWIN PA2784 Vauxhall GM 25177213, 25313907
AC DELCO-A1478C ,A1600C ; AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION AC7484 ,AE15160 ,SFA2431P CATERPILLAR-1153846 ,3I0885 ,3I1430 ,9Y6851 ; DAEWOO-2474-9053 ,68083046025 2474-9053A ,2474-9053K ,24749053P54P ,2474-9053S ; DONALDSON-R801959 J8532431 ,P808361 P181191 P809186 ,P812014 ,P812017 ,P812041 , P182182, P812000, , P812026, , P900840, P900862, R801897, SMP181191, X006246, XLP182182 ; DOOSAN-2474-9053A 3033766A, 68.08304-6025 ; EXXEL PTY LTD-14440027 ; FLEETGUARD-AF4706 ,AF4838 ; FRAM-CA6665 ,CA6684 ;HINO-17801-2800 ,17801-12800A ,17801-2800A ; KAWASAKI-30980-70070 ,30981-70380 ,30981-70980 ,YYP182182 ,ZZP181191 ; KOBELCO-2446R312S2 ,2451U3243 ,9K1952 ,KL3098070050 2451-U324-3 ;
KOMATSU-600-101-6830 ,600-181-6740
,600-181-6820 ,600-181-6830 ,600-181-6740P ,E6001016830 ; ; MAHLE-KFA0237389 ; MITSUBISHI-60308-01900 ,AE033603 ,AE033693 ,AEO33603 ,ME033603 ,ME033613 ; NIPPON-4940091100 ,AC7487 ,F6780051100 ; ORENSTEIN & KOPPEL-1447312; SAKAI-441240003; SAKURA-A-1018 ,A-5639 A-5654-S;SF-FILTER-SL8976 ; SURE FILTER-SFA2431P WOODGATE-WGA459

Safety air filter

AC DELCO-A1557C ; AMC AE22080 ,SFA1742S ; AMERICAN PARTS-P900839 ; BALDWIN-PA3578 ,RS3578 ; CATERPILLAR-115-3847 ,3I-0973 ,3I-1430 ,9Y-6855 ; DAEWOO-2474-9054 ,2474-9054S ; DOOSAN-24749053P54P 2474-9054A ;EXXEL PTY LTD-14440033 ; FLEETGUARD-AF4896 ; FRAM-CA6684SY CA6688 ; ISUZU-6030802400 ; KAWASAKI-3098170390 ,ZZP522452 ; KOBELCO-2446U249S1 ,2446U250S1 ,KL31000605304 ,R801742 ; KOMATSU-600-181-6730 ,600-181-6740S ,E6001816730 ; MAHLE-KFA0237390 ;DONALDSON J8517421 ,P822148 ,P831912 P522452, P822148, P831912, P900839, R801742 ; SAKAI-441240002 ; SAKURA-A5635 ;SF-FILTER-SL8980 ; SURE FILTER-SFA1742S

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