MF-16 MF-24

The hydraulic suction strainer filters are crafted from profiled stainless steel mesh. They are perfectly suited for preserving impurities even when water is present and condensations and oil vapors, but not for preserving impalpable and fine dust, which is suitable for all kinds of mineral oil, gasoline, diesel oil, water, wine, etc. The product can also be used as an air filter to effectively filter the particles in the dust removal air. The feature is:

The highest working oil temperature is 100°C.

Flow range: 12L / min to 1000L / min,

Filtration accuracy: 100 / 120 / 150 ESH (standard)

Weight 100 g
Outsite Diameter







100 PCS


Strainless Steel

Cross Reference For MF-16 MF-24

Mf16 MF-16 Φ103*197 2″
Mf16 MF-16 Φ103*230 2″
Mf16 MF-16 Φ115*230 2″
MF20 MF-20 Φ115*235 2-1/2″
MF20 MF-20 Φ135*230 2-1/2″
MF20 MF-20 Φ145*250 2-1/2″
MF24 MF-24 Φ135*252 3″
MF24 MF-24 Φ145*250 3″
MF24 MF-24 Φ158*270 3″
MF24 MF-24 Φ158*320 3″
Mf32 MF-32 Φ158*420 4″
Mf32 MF-32 Φ204*320 4″