The screen medium is composed of stainless steel woven screen, copper screen and epoxy coated screen. It has a single / multi-layer fold structure. The strain free steel can withstand high temperature and corrosive medium, and is supported on the porous plate below by smooth or folded wire mesh. Due to the limitation of wire size and structure, it can’t filter out very fine particles and can only be used for surface cleaning. The main advantages of wire mesh filters are that they last longer than other types of filters because they can be cleaned and reused; have high resistance; and are compatible with heavily contaminated oils. They are commonly used with hydraulic oil, coolants, and lubricants.

Weight1400 g
Outsite Diameter

198 mm




192 mm




50 PCS


Strainless steel , Cu Screen

Cross Reference For E131-0214

HYUNDAI 31N8-01200 ,E131-0595 ,E131-0214, 31E9-0595,
31N8-1200, 31E9-10190 , E131-0214-A, 31E3-0595, 31N8-12000,
31N801200 ,E1310595 ,E1310214, 31E90595,
31N81200, 31E910190 , E1310214A, 31E30595, 31N812000
SCHUPP SF HY90569, HY 90569

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