Centrifuges extend the life of lubrication oil because they can remove high-density, sub-micron particles, extending the lifespan of both the main lube oil filter cartridge and the sump oil. They are easily retrofitted and maintained pieces of equipment, internationally recognised for providing superior bypass filtration of contaminants from diesel engine oil.

Weight326 g
Outsite Diameter

98 mm

Inside Diameter

14 mm


119 mm


Mercedes-Benz, Mack, Renault


100 PCS


Glass fiber, Oil filter paper

Cross Reference For CS41000

AC Delco PF2116, Baldwin BC110, Caterpillar 3I-1166, Donaldson P550286, Daewoo 65055105030, DD65055105030, ERF 1366170, 1366176, Fleetguard CS41000, CS41004, LF3416, LF3416A, Fram P6697, Hengst Z10D64, Mahle OZ1 OZ1D, Mann ZR902X, MERCEDES-BENZ-5411800083 ,5411800109 ,A5411800109 , Renault 5000670735, 5000670737, 5001846545, 5001846546 5001858000 50 01 853 256, Rolls Royce OE45353, Schupp SF SP4496, Sisu 1216410120, Vauxhall GM 25014778, 25014779, Woodgate WGL3416

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