Reduced emissions. Dirty air filters have a tendency to change your car’s air-fuel balance by reducing air flow to the engine The imbalance will harm spark plugs and increase engine depositions. Moreover, the imbalance will make an impact on the car’s exhaust emissions.

Weight 395 g
Outsite Diameter

157 mm

Inside Diameter

60 mm


214 mm




100 PCS


Air filter paper: Full adhesive paper, Semi adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C16134/1

MAHLE LX 1780/3 LX2824, LX3316,
MANN C 16 134/1 ,1098912S01
FORD 7M51 9601 AC
Coopers Fiaam AG1801, FL9154, Ford 1496204, 7M519601AC 1448616, 1477153, 1690582, 1695529, 1708877, 1848220, 76899132, 7M51-9601-AB, AV619601AB, AV619601AD, Fram CA10521 Volvo 30792881 31338216, 31370984 Mazda Y642-13-Z40, Y642-13-Z40B, Y642-13-Z40C,
Y642-13-Z40D Motaquip VFA1244, Nipparts N1323068, Purflux A1297 Tecnocar A2272 Sofima S2722A, Unipart GFE4201, Valeo 585653 WIX WA9567 AC Delco PC3069E, Alco MD-5294, Asahi AMC MA-5621, Blueprint ADL ADF122202, ADM52262, Bosch 0986AF2605, F026400136, F026400492, S0136, Champion CAF100493C, V493/606, Fil Filter HP2633, Filtron AK372/1, AP372/1, Hengst E1010L, Mecafilter EL9250, Magneti Marelli 71760233