The filtration efficiency is more than 80%. The second stage is a microporous paper filter element (generally called the main filter element), which has a filtration efficiency of more than 99.5%. There is also a safety filter element after the main filter element, which is used to prevent dust from entering the engine when installing and replacing the main filter element or when the main filter element is accidentally damaged. The material of safety core is mostly nonwovens, and filter paper is also used.

Weight2107 g
Outsite Diameter

406 mm

Inside diameter

149 mm


356 mm


JCB, Hyundai




Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For Af55014+AF55308

Primary air filter

Cummins 5261249; Fleetguard AF55014; Vogele 2216429; Wirtgen 2220358; Donaldson DBA5292 BALDWIN PA31002
HYUNDAI-11LL-45180PB ; JCB 333/E3685
Doosan 400504-00049 400404-00049, Schupp SF SL81759 SL81758 WIX WA10714

Safety air filter

Cummins 5261251; Doosan 400504-00048 400504-00030; Fleetguard AF55308; JCB 333/E3686;
Wirtgen 2220366; Vogele 2216432; Donaldson P633483, X011872 DYNAPAC 4812034567 WIX WA10808
Baldwin PA31003 HYUNDAI 11LL-45190 11LL-45190PB ONAN A026M872 SCHUPP SF SL81759

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