When the dirt is deposited on the surface of the filter cartridge, the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic filter element increases. The bypass piston senses a pressure difference. The piston is held by a spring. When the element needs to be cleaned, the differential pressure is high enough to compress the spring and force the piston away from the seat. The movement of the piston points the telltale indicator to the “need to clean” position.

Weight610 g
Outsite Diameter

120 mm




200 mm

Painting color

White, Yellow, Plated


Hyundai, Toyota, Komatsu


50 PCS

Cross Reference For 67502-20540-71

Donaldson P550477 ,J8630540 , P837231, P 55-0477 ,J 86-30540 , P 83-7231
Fleetguard HF7927,
Fram C7553, C8202, Hyster 1327917, 1360557, 313796, 332757,
Komatsu 3EC-04-31610, 3EC0431610 , Luberfiner LH5931, Nippon Denso 11531-00050, 1153100050
Sakura H-5902,H5902, Schupp SF HY5972 HY5952 HY90153, Towmotor 973948,
Toyota 67502-20540-71, 67502-20540 ,67502-205407 ,
675022054071, 6750220540 ,67502205407 ,
CPHY001200,HE18010, 1001576TOY,25787-80301, 243L7-82001, 1001576
2578780301, 243L782001
Woodgate WGH9158

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