Diesel engines are equipped with a fuel transfer pump that sucks fuel from the fuel tank and supplies it under pressure to the fuel injection system. Between the fuel tank and the fuel transfer pump (the vacuum side), boatbuilders or boaters fit a fuel filter/water separator (the primary filter). Between the fuel transfer pump and the fuel injection system (the pressure side) the engine manufacturer fits a fuel filter (the secondary filter).

Weight 130 g
Outsite Diameter

62 mm

Inside Diameter

6 mm


130 mm


Perkins, Caterpillar


50 PCS


Glass fiber, Fuel filter paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 130306380

Perkins:130306380 130446120 130306180
CATERPILLAR 276-1804 2761804
FG Wilson 0000000038 00000-00038 915-093

Inside filters:

FG Wilson 10000-06412
Perkins 130306360
CATERPILLAR 2761806 276-1806

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