The air filter Protect Your Engine: Prevent unfiltered particles entering the engine and thereby protect your engine from potential breakdown or damage.

Weight2211 g
Outsite Diameter

237 mm

Inside diameter

131 mm


375 mm


Hitachi, Kobelco, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Case




Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For X009748

Primary air filter

DONALDSON P821938 P812238
AIRMAN 32143-12500 ; AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION-AE24070 ,SFA6128P ; BALDWIN-RS3538; CASE KBH0921 ; CATERPILLAR-3I1984 EXMAN-AE24070 ,SFA6128P ; FIAT-72106221 ; FIAT KOBELCO-YN11P00029S003 ; FLEETGUARD-AF25414 FURUKAWA-8970511103 ,8970511103 ,CX700037015 HITACHI-4286128 ,263E237011 ,AT280662 ,HJ4286128 ,L4286128 ,X4286128 ;ISUZU-92956399 ,8980714210 ; JOHN DEERE-AT280662 ; KELTEC TECHNOLAB-KA355015 ; KOBELCO-YN11P00029S003 ; KOMATSU-3FE0245910 ; LBX COMPANY LLC-K5N0006 ; Alco MD-7712,Fram CA8244, Kralinator LA1599, Linkbelt KBH0921, Luberfiner LAF5761, Purolator A65079, Sakura , A-5539, A-5539M GOODWILL AG1012
MAHLE LX3616 KOBELCO YN11P0029S003; LINK BELT-KBH0921 MANN C24553 C24553/2; NEW HOLLAND-YN11P00029S003 ; NISSAN 16546-50051 ,16546-Z9107 SAKURA-A5539 ;SF-FILTER-SL5881 SURE FILTER-SFA6128P ; VMC-AF821938 ; WOODGATE-WGA1115 ; YANMAR-16291812170 ,56291812171

Safety air filter

DONALDSON P821963 P84335
AIRMAN 3214312400 ; AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION-AE24080 ,SFA6130S ; BALDWIN-RS3525 ,RS3535 ; CASE 87683001 ,KBH0922 ; CATERPILLAR-3I-1985 FIAT-72106912 ; FLEETGUARD-AF25412 ; FRAM CA8245 ; FURUKAWA-8970511102 ,8970511102 ; GOBY FILTERS-AG962776R ; HITACHI-4286130 ,263E237001 ,4286130LHE ; ISUZU-92956401 ,8980714220 ; JOHN DEERE AT280663 ,AT280663J ,P821963J,HJ4286130 ,L4286130 ,X4286130; Alco MD7712S, MD-7712S
Massey Ferguson 3596976M92 KOBELCO-K0339506400 ,YN11P00029S002 YN11P00029S002-k,YN11P00034S002 ; KOMATSU-3FE-024-5950; LINK BELT-KBH0922 ; MANN CF1414; PUROLATOR-A65102 ; Sakura A-2709M-S, A-5538 ;SF-FILTER-SL5882 ; SURE FILTER-SFA6130S ; TCM-XZ49AD02008 ; TODD GT-2242294 ; VMC-AF821963; WOODGATE-WGA1114S

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