In line fuel filter features an inlet on one side and an outlet on the other. The two openings are connected to the hoses or pipes that make up the fuel line, which are installed on the fuel line between the tank and the engine and are fixed in place by metal brackets and plastic safety clips. It’s easy to assemble or replace by yourself.

Weight206 g
Outsite Diameter

55 mm


8/8 mm


258 mm




100 PCS


Fuel filter paper

Cross Reference For WK5005/1Z

MANN WK 5005/1Z WK 5005 Z
MAHLE KL 736/1D, KL736, KL736/1
BMW 13328511053, 13328572522, Coopers Fiaam E178, FP6121, Filtron PP976/4, Fram P11681, Hengst H351WK,
Mecafilter ELG5450, Motaquip LVFF718, LVFF726, Purflux FCS828, Tecnocar RN611, UFI 31.952.00, Sofima S1952B
Alco SP-1407, Blueprint
ADL ADB112304, Wix WF8483
UFI 3195200

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