P787281 P606121

Secondary filters, also called inner filter, smaller air filter, or safety air filter. The secondary filter acts as an available filter and protects the engine when the primary filter is detached from the air filter housing during maintenance, and is usually installed inside the primary filter. Even if the main filter is damaged or replaced, it can also play a protective role. Never operate the engine with only the safety filter. The safety filter is not a backup filter! Compared with the primary filter, the safety filter is more open, less restrictive and less efficient. Secondary filters do not improve the overall efficiency of the air cleaner. The secondary filter protects the engine from potential damage to the main filter – cleaning, incorrect installation, mismatched “fit” or installation of the wrong size filter.

Weight1372 g
Outsite Diameter

310/328 mm

Inside diameter

124/132 mm


207 mm


Kubota, Claas, Manitou




Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

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Primary air filter

Donaldson P787281 CLAAS 001107603
CLAAS 0021525311
CLAAS 1107603
CLAAS 11076030
CLAAS 21525311
KRAMER 100035947
KUBOTA 3J08010871
MANITOU 299936

Safety air filter

DONALDSON P606121  P607556 MANN CF30100
John Deere: AL150288 AL171780
Fleetguard: AF26155 ARGO-6521351M1 ; BALDWIN-PA4704 ;
CASE 87687268 ; CATERPILLAR-321-2412 ; CLAAS-1107598 ,1107598 ,11075980 ; DIAMOND-2506415 ; ENSKEDE HYDRAUL-2110986; HENGST-E711L ,E712LS; JOHNSTON 295095/3 ; LANDINI-3695442M91 MANITOU-299937; MULTICAR-4002020021 ; NEW HOLLAND-87720899 ; PALAZZANI INDUSTRIE-14140095 ; ; SAME-90002721 ; SANY-60072602 ;SF-FILTER-SL82003 ; TEREX-12890229 ,15046855 ,906040728 ; TREEMME TECNOLOGY-3M007330 ; VALMET-V36539700 ; VALTRA-36539700 V36539700 ; VAPORMATIC-CPD7291 ; VENIERI-2999352 ; VERMEER-296284125 ; VMC-AF606121

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