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Truck air filter is to remove the harmful impurities in the air that will enter the cylinder, so as to reduce the early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat, improving engine durability for heavy duty. The quality air filters hang next to the hood. It will need to add one pre cleaner more before the air filter when work in places with too much dust and smoke for rotary drilling machine etc.

Weight1616 g
Outsite Diameter

310 mm

Inside diameter

124 mm


284 mm






Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For P606120 P606121

Primary air filter

John Deere AL150285, AL172781; Donaldson P606120; Fleetguard AF26156 BALDWIN CA4703 ; JOHN DEERE-AL150285 ,AL172781 ; MANN C33530 ,CP33530 ;SF-FILTER-SL82002 ; VAPORMATIC-CPD7290 ; VMC-AF606120 Hengst E711L WISMET WAI43023
SPAREX S.108845

Safety air filter

DONALDSON P606121 P607556 MANN CF30100
John Deere: AL150288 AL171780
Fleetguard: AF26155 ARGO-6521351M1 ; BALDWIN-PA4704 ;
CASE 87687268 ; CATERPILLAR-321-2412 ; CLAAS-1107598 ,1107598 ,11075980 ; DIAMOND-2506415 ; ENSKEDE HYDRAUL-2110986; HENGST-E711L ,E712LS; JOHNSTON 295095/3 ; LANDINI-3695442M91 MANITOU-299937; MULTICAR-4002020021 ; NEW HOLLAND-87720899 ; PALAZZANI INDUSTRIE-14140095 ; ; SAME-90002721 ; SANY-60072602 ;SF-FILTER-SL82003 ; TEREX-12890229 ,15046855 ,906040728 ; TREEMME TECNOLOGY-3M007330 ; VALMET-V36539700 ; VALTRA-36539700 V36539700 ; VAPORMATIC-CPD7291 ; VENIERI-2999352 ; VERMEER-296284125 ; VMC-AF606121

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