The bypass filter only filter 5% – 10% of the oil supply of oil pump. It is generally a precision filter, which is generally used in combination with the full flow filter. Most of the low-power engines only use full-flow filter, and most of the high-power heavy duty diesel engines use full flow plus bypass filter.

Weight1786 g
Outsite Diameter

118 mm




330 mm


Komatsu, INGERSOLL RAND, John Deere, Hitachi


100 PCS


Glass fiber, Oil filter paper

Cross Reference For LF9000

Baldwin BD7153, Case IHC 324617A1, 441700A1, Caterpillar 3964607, Cummins 2882673, 3101868, 3406810, 340681000, Fleetguard LF9000, LF9070, Fram PH8690, Manitowoc A047950
John Deere PMLF9000, Luberfiner LFP9000, LFP9007, Manitowoc A047950,Purolator Facet L65328, Wix 57745XD,
IMPERIAL-04LF9031 ; INGERSOLL RAND-54662028 ,57645210 ; KAWASAKI-YE3101868 ,YE3101869 ,YE3406810 ,YELF9000 ; LIUGONG-40C0434 ; MACK-2191P559000 ; MANITOWOC-4136480 ; MANN WP12001 ,WP12120 ; MORBARK-29213844 ; NEW HOLLAND-L76612210 ,NP441700A1 ; PREVOST CAR-19500499
ALLIANCE PARTS-ABPN10GLF9000 ,ABPN10GLF9001 ; CASE-CASE IH-7612210 ,324617A1 ,441700A1 ,LF9001 ,STX440 ; CHINA LOCAL-VO2079 ; HYSTER-1415822
PUROLATOR-L65328 ,L65329 ; DONALDSON J8610001 ;SF-FILTER-SP4820 ,SP4850 ; SISU-1216400571 ; SURE FILTER-SFO0901 ; TEREX-15275439 ,15501271 ; TORQUIP-76612210 ; VMC-LF559000 ; VOLVO-85114044 ; WIX 57746XD ; WOODGATE-WGL9001
SANY B222100000595
DONALDSON P559000 P559001
KOMATSU 600-211-1340 ,600-211-1341 ,621-654-5110 ,E600-211-1340 6216-54-5110
474-00034A 474-00034
HYUNDAI 11NB-70110, 11ND-70110
CASE-CASE IH-7612210 ,324617A1 ,441700A1
MANN-FILTER WP 12 330 ,WP12001 ,WP12120 WP12120/1
SAKURA C-5710 C-5724
SF-FILTER-SP4820 ,SP4850 ; SISU-1216400571 ; SURE FILTER-SFO0901 ; TEREX-15275439 ,15501271 ; TORQUIP-76612210 VOLVO-85114044
ATLAS COPCO-5580011671
BALDWIN-BD7153 ,BD7154 ,BD7355 FOTON-3101869X0571A ; FRAM-PH8690 ,PH8691 ,PH8691A ,PH8960 HITACHI-E12979663 ,E12979905 ; HYSTER-1415822 INGERSOLL RAND-54662028 ,57645210 LIUGONG-40C0434 MANITOWOC-4136480 MORBARK-29213844

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