Your vehicle’s engine requires both fuel and air to create power.  However, to prevent damage to the engine, the air needs to be filtered before it enters the combustion chamber. Your engine air filter handles this task – filtering out contaminants such as dirt, dust, bugs, leaves, and other debris.

Weight2488 g
Outsite Diameter

168 mm

Inside diameter

59 mm


160 mm


JOHN DEERE , Ingersoll-Rand


36 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For ECC065003

Ingersoll-Rand 85413458; Donaldson ECC065003 C065003
Baldwin PA5326, Fleetguard AH8925, Ingersoll Rand 85413458, Schupp SF SL12920 SL12934, SDMO 30801011201, YANMAR DCIECC-065003 VIRGIS DL17330 WISMET WAI42218
CHARDONNET-7306500366 FODEN-Y05772701 ; GUASCOR-7650121 ; HAVAM-HD1871 PACCAR-Y06015000 ; PERKINS-33500344

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