Any opening in the filter media will allow dirt and contaminating debris, or particles, to bypass the filter and interfere with the mass airflow (MAF) sensor. The mass airflow (MAF) sensor has a very important job in telling the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) exactly how much fuel should be injected for optimal efficiency and performance.

Weight1650 g
Outsite Diameter

114 mm

Inside diameter

38 mm


149/114 mm


Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand


36 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For D045003

Donaldson:D045003, ECD045003
Caterpillar:245-7451 136-6202, 3I-0023 Fleetguard AH19228, Ingersoll Rand 8524575, Kralinator LA1849, Mann 1018451S01, C1226, SF Schupp SL12930, Thermoking 11-6488, NOV88 167-6040 Woodgate WGA1120  AIR MAZE-SEFD451 ; BALDWIN-PA2832 ;
CARRIER TRANSICOLD-305001800 ; FREIGHTLINER-DND045003 ; HAVAM-HD1940 ; SDMO-90801003101 ; VMC-AH45003 ; WALGAHN 00810060

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