Air filters play an important role in engine performance and even by in your safety. Always keep your air filters in tip-top shape. If you use disposable filters, always make sure that they are changed on a regular basis. Ad if you utilize foam and any other washable filters, always keep them clean.

Weight456 g

314 mm


213 mm


59 mm




100 PCS


Air filter paper: Full adhesive paper, Semi adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C32154

MANN C 32 154
AC Delco PC2440E, PC605, Alco MD-9394, Bosch 1457433742, S3742, Champion U694, Coopers Fiaam AG1227, PA7208,Delphi Lucas CAV AF0205, AF20023, Ford 1017035, 1102785, 7236936, 95VW9601BC, 95VW9601DA, Fram CA5709, Hengst E378L, Mahle LX688, Mann 4515455284, Motaquip VFA835, Motorcraft EFA579, Powertrain PMFA712, Purolator Facet A37682, Unipart GFE2381, Vauxhall GM 25009148, 25069148, Volkswagen 7M0129620, Wix WA6346
Blueprint ADL ADV182230, Bosch 1457433742-0B0, 1457433809, Filtron AP159, Halfords HAF359,Mecafilter ELP3715, M Filter MAP60018, SF Schupp PA7868, Sofima S6810A, Tecneco AR186PM, AR186PM-S, UFI 30.090.00, Volkswagen 7M0129620A

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