C301500 CF1720

The removal of the dust filter element is fast and easy to maintain. Reduce maintenance costs, no need for cage, can quickly remove the filter element from the clean air end.

Weight5000 g
Outsite Diameter

300 mm

Inside diameter

169 mm


519/531 mm




50 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C301500 CF1720

Primary Air Filter

Alco MD7118, MD-7118, Baldwin RS3726, Bosch 0986626760, 1457432283, 1457433904, S6760, Coopers Fiaam ADG1218R, AEM2712, FL16931, FLI6931, Digoema DGM/L25313, DGML25313, Donaldson P778336, P781180, Fil HP2511, Filtron AM416/2, AM4162, Fleetguard AF25313, Fram CA5760, Hengst E290L, Mecafilter FA3203, Luberfiner LAF8087, M MAU60006, Mahle Knecht LX712, Mann 1035810S01, C301500, Sakura A8656, A-8656, Scania 1335678, 1421021, Schnell 1015159, 1-015-159, SF Schupp SL5669, Sofima S7358A, Sogefi Pro FLI6931/SGP, FLI6931SGP, Sure SFA5678, Tecfil ARS1188, TRP 1500337, 1534512, UFI 27.358.00, 2735800, Woodgate WGA1249

Safety Air Filter

Alco MD7118S, MD-7118S, Baldwin 50014226, RS5313, Bosch 0986626768, F026400190, S0190, S6768, Donaldson P781228, P784693, Fleetguard AF25969, Mecafilter FA3498, Mahle Knecht LX323, Mann 1021732S01, CF1720, Renault 7424993647, Scania 1335680, SF Schupp SL81089, Sofima S7A44A, Sogefi Pro FLI9311, TRP 1517405, 1534725, UFI 27.A44.00, 27A4400

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