C25990 CF1440

For clean filter media in air compressor air filter, the surface area for agglomeration is 100%. For the filter material with particle impurity deposition, the surface area used for agglomeration will be reduced, and the filtering effectiveness will also be reduced.

Weight2709 g
Outsite Diameter

135/128 mm

Inside Diameter

111 mm


440 mm


Ingersoll Rand ,MASSEY FERGUSON , Mitsubishi


50 sets


Air filter paper

Cross Reference For C25990 CF1440

Primary Air Filter

Alco MD7746, MD-7746, S246, Baldwin RS5440, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 01182912, 1182912, Filtron AM473, Fleetguard AF26476, Mann C25990 4591057174, C 25 990, SF Schupp SL 81426, SL81426, Terex M6550526, Volvo 21377915

Safety Air Filter

Baldwin 50018806, RS5548 Baldwin RS5548, Clarcor KU2337, KU2437, FAW 1109070297, Mann 4574557119, CF1440 CF1440, SF Schupp SL 81427, SL81427, Terex N6550527


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