Round air filter, iron plastic cover air filter, including shell, filter element arranged in shell, upper end cover and lower end cover arranged at both sides of shell axial direction and connected with shell. Mesh screen on inner wall diameter, used for element strength and medium fire protection. The connection between the upper end cover and the lower end cover and the shell is respectively provided with a sealing ring. The sealing ring is a polyurethane sealing ring which is stuck on the upper and lower covers with special equipment.

Weight336 g
Outsite Diameter

166 mm

Inside Diameter

105/46 mm


92 mm




100 PCS


Air filter paper: Full adhesive paper, Semi adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C17137X

MAHLE LX1006/1D LX1006/1
MANN C 17 137 x 1044908S01
VW 059 133 843 B
FRAM CA10216
Coopers Fiaam AEM2916,
AG1706, FL9119, FLI9186, Fram CA10029, CA10216, Purflux A1242
AC Delco PC3067E, Alco
MD-5300, Bosch F026400028, S0028, Champion CAF100472R, Fil Filter HP2638, Hengst E648L, Mecafilter EL9249, Motaquip VFA1181, Tecneco AR10216, Tecnocar A2201, UFI 27.598.00, Sofima S7598A, Wix WA9548

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