Locate the air filter housing under the hood.

It will likely be square (on fuel-injected engines) or round (on older carbureted engines) and about 12 in. (30 cm.) in diameter. On older vehicles, it will be in a large round housing on the top of the engine. On newer vehicles, it will be on the end of the large black intake hose opposite the engine mounted on one of the fender wells.

Weight1890 g
Outsite Diameter

216 mm

Inside diameter

64 mm


199 mm


John Deere, INGERSOLL RAND, Renault


36 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C085002

Broadwide:C2216 Alco MD-5380, Baldwin PA2826, Case NX142100470, Caterpillar 3I-0015, Donaldson C085002, ECC085002, Fiat 73253613, Fleetguard AH1190, Ford 9576C085002, Fram CA11030, Isuzu X14210047, Kralinator LA1613, Kukje YGT00146, Luberfiner LAF2532, Onan 140-2646-02, Perkins 2652C102, Renault 5000674687, Sakura AH-7002, SF Schupp SL12923, Sure SFA8502H, Woodgate WGA1132  AIR MAZE-SEFC852 ; ARROW SPECIALTY-208317A ; BARKO HYDRAULICS-24802291 ,54802291 ; CHARDONNET-7308500200 ; CUMMINS-10000379 ; DETROIT DC085002 ; DMT 531755 ,2531755 ; FREIGHTLINER-DNC085002 ; HASTINGS-AF1019 ; HAVAM-HD1879 ; INGERSOLL RAND-22459085 ; ISUZU-ECC085002 ,X14210047 ,X142100470 ; KOHLER-A344103 ,EX59300 ,GM57931 ; KRALINATOR-LA1613 ; KUKJE-YGT00146 ; LUBER FINER-LAF2532 ; NEW HOLLAND-73253613 ; PERKINS-33500346 ,2652C102 ; PETTIBONE-ORO23180164 ; RENAULT VI-5000674687 ; SDMO-30801011202 ; SF-FILTER-SL12923 ; TAYLOR-VTECC085002 ; VMC-AH85002 ; WALGAHN-00810053 ; WORTHINGTON-20114277

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