Changing the filter is incredibly easy to do, but also extremely important because a clogged, damaged, or ill-fitting filter can cause all sorts of problems ranging from dirty, polluted indoor air to severely restricted airflow, which puts undue strain on the blower motor.

Weight2488 g
Outsite Diameter

165 mm

Inside diameter

57 mm


264/229 mm


Renault Iveco


36 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For C065004

Compare:982625141 98262/5141 SF Schupp SL12921, Woodgate WGA1692 NANNI DIESEL 48100789
RENAULT 5000674686
FODEN Y05771708 FIAT 8008189 HAVAM HD1877
MANITOU 554812
SDMO 330570160 SCHUPP AG SL12921
WALGAHN 00810051 IVECO 8008189
Donaldson:C065004 Baldwin PA4918 Broadwide C1723

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