Fuel water separator filter Remove the water entering the system during refueling. Any water in the fuel stream supports bacterial growth, which can cause clogging of the filter and the formation of corrosive acids. The sensitive components subsequently rust and corrode, resulting in corrosion and wear of critical fuel system components.

Weight709 g
Outsite Diameter

117 mm

Inside Diameter

40 mm


254 mm




100 PCS


Glass fiber, Fuel filter paper, composite Paper

Cross Reference For A4720900451

A4720900451 A4720900551
P551063 PF9908KIT A4720900651
MERCEDES 4700902652
MERCEDES 4700905052
MERCEDES 4700905852
MERCEDES A4700901451
MERCEDES A4700901651
MERCEDES A4700902652
MERCEDES A4700905052
MERCEDES A4700905852
KX 406D A4730900451  BALDWIN-PF9908KIT ;
DETROIT DIESEL-,A4720900551 ,A4720900651 ; FLEETGUARD-FK13834 ; LUBER FINER-L5104F ; MAHLE-KX2765 ,KX2765KIT ,KX4001

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