Unfiltered compressed air often contains dust, oil, rust, moisture and other harmful substances, so it needs to be filtered. In the first stage of filtration, compressed air is filtered by air compressor to produce coalescence effect. Here, larger particles are adsorbed on the filter, water will condense into larger droplets, and then enter the oil-gas separator. The compressed air slows down, allowing particles to condense on a honeycomb like pad, allowing water droplets to move to the bottom of the drainage system and be discharged through an automatic or electric drain valve. In the first filtration stage, more than 95% of water droplets, oil and large particles are removed.

Weight1890 g
Outsite Diameter

129 mm


1 1/2-16 UN


271 mm




Case, Caterpillar


100 PCS


Oil filter paper, Glass fiber

Cross Reference For A177605

FLEETGUARD HF28929 HF35439 HF6778 HF6713 HF6701SYN,HF6731 ,HF6780
CASE IH 177356A1 3991102M1
CASE IH 1329214C1 H433531 ,H671529
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DONALDSON P165878 P165876
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KUBOTA 12499-43230 STAUFF SF6726MG

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