Micro fiberglass, Exacting efficiency for desired particle size fibreglass, also called micro glass is a type of synthetic filter media. Fiberglass hydraulic filtrations are considered to provide the best filtration quality. They are made by bonding micro-fiberglass material with resin which is randomly set into a multi-layer composite. Multiple thickness and stiffness options are available to tailor the composite to your application needs. Because of the finer weave as well as the presence of multiple layers, this type of filter is more efficient at capturing fine particulate matter and has a much greater dirt-holding capacity than cellulose filter elements. They are used in systems which are particularly sensitive to contamination, such as servo valves and piston pumps. Combine particle and water removal by using micro glass and absorbent layer.

Weight350 g
Outsite Diameter

78 mm


42 mm


132 mm




100 PCS


Glass Fiber

Cross Reference For 923855.1183

Fairey Arlon QAB5508,
QAE5301, QXWL1-3, Kalmar 923855.1183, Parker 1018003001, Schupp SF SBL24190
GROVE K3319602 03319602

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