8N6309 8N2556

Replacing a clogged air filter can increase fuel efficiency and improve acceleration, depending on your car make and model. When you realise that, it makes sense to regularly replace your air filters.

Weight8840 g
Outsite Diameter

490 mm

Inside diameter

335 mm


260/250 mm






Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

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Primary Air filter

Caterpillar 8N6309 8N-6309 AC Delco A1185C, Baldwin PA2653, Coopers Fiaam AEM2240, Donaldson P138861, P181126, SMP181126, Fleetguard AF4609, Fram CA541, CA7490, Hengst E583L, Luberfiner LAF1826, Nelson Winslow 70627N, Purolator Facet A44548, AF4548, Sakura A5531, A-5531, SF Schupp SL8970, Sure SFA1126P, Vauxhall GM 25099100, Virgis CH12403, CH-12403, Woodgate WGA493 Sure SFA1126P

Safety Air Filter

Caterpillar 8N2556 8N-2556 Baldwin 50011120, PA2848, Caterpillar 8N2556, Donaldson P143022, P523048, Fleetguard AF4874, Fram CA7490SY, Kralinator LA1839, Luberfiner LAF3048, Nelson Winslow 70870N, Sakura A5531S, A5533, A-5533, SF Schupp SL8791, Woodgate WGA1074 Sure SFA4865S

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