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The air filter is equivalent to the nose of the human being, which is the first “checkpoint” for the air to enter the engine. In spring, the air contains more dust and small grains of sand, so the air filter is easy to block. At this time, the engine will be hard to start, weak, unstable idling and other symptoms. In general, the air filter of a car needs to be changed every 20000 km, and checked every 10000 km. In spring, it’s better to check every 2000 km, which is good for the engine.

Weight2754 g
Outsite Diameter

421 mm


353 mm






Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

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Primary air filter

DONALDSON P631391 P 60-6981, P 61-2394
CASE-CASE IH-87443711 ,87727665 87443710 ; NEW HOLLAND-87443710

Safety air filter

CASE-CASE IH-87443712 ,87443714 ; NEW HOLLAND-87443713
DONALDSON P631511 CAT 208-9066

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