Today’s hydraulic systems operate under extremely high pressures with extremely tight tolerances, meaning they are very sensitive to wear from abrasive particles and must be protected with filtration. In fact, 90% of all hydraulic system failures result from fluid contamination. These contaminants can enter the system from a number of sources:
• Built in from manufacturing processes
• Low quality or unclean hydraulic fluid used and the filling process
• Exposure to dirt, dust and moisture in operating conditions
• System generated wear over time

Weight1665 g
Outsite Diameter

150 mm

Inside Diameter

121 mm


259 mm




60 PCS


Strainless Steel

Cross Reference For 803164959

XGMA 803164959, XGHL4-560×100, XGHL4-56010, XGHL4-560*10,
Z3.10.6.4A ,9309192, 9306446

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