If you are unlucky enough to pick up dodgy fuel, your entire fuel injection system, and ultimately engine, are at great risk of expensive damage. The fuel pump, lines connecting to the common rail, the actual common rail and injectors are the key components that will be affected, none of which are cheap or easy to repair. Due to high temperatures found in common-rail injection systems, water causes these components to rust, and rather quickly too. This rust works its way through the common-rail components, eventually causing injectors to seize – not a good time.

Weight780 g
Outsite Diameter

108 mm


1-14 UN


128 mm


Renault ,Volvo, Nissan


100 PCS


Glass fiber, Fuel filter paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 7421380472

RENAULT 7421380472 7420998346 7421764968
VOLVO 21380475 20879806 21380479 21144898 21764966 20863191
MACK-21017305 ,21380521 21380472
FLEETGUARD-FS19918 ,FS19966 FS 20082 ; FRAM-PS10678
DONALDSON P551838 P550913 P559648
MANN WK 10 006 z ,WK 11019 Z
Mahle KC491D
BALDWIN BF1386-O RACOR R60RD R60RD, R60RDRCR01, Schupp SF SK3031/2, Sogefi Pro FT6561,
TRP 1535380
Alco SP-1409 Hengst H392WK DONALDSON P954895
NISSAN 16400-9Z00C
NISSAN 52211-44898
UD 5221380479
VIC FC-243
VOLVO 20879806

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