crankcase ventilation (CCV) filter systems are designed to prevent oil contamination and reduce oil consumption, enabling engine applications to comply with strict EPA emission standards. Our CCV filters provide superior oil coalescence and crankcase pressure control while removing unwanted emissions and protecting the clogging of intakes, turbochargers and intercoolers. Our crankcase ventilation filter systems are highly configurable and suitable for use for a variety of applications, across many of the major markets.

Weight365 g
Outsite Diameter

65 mm

Inside Diameter

31 mm


120 mm




100 PCS


Non-woven cloth

Cross Reference For 5410100080

Baldwin CV15001 TEREX 44148712
Mahle SOX1, DONALDSON P954537
Mercedes 5410100080 A5410100080 005610000, 0039610000 PA66GF35 WIX 93301E
Hengst EAS500MD38,  Mann 3931051999, C716X
MTU 5200180035, 5200180035M, Schupp SF SOE500

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