Restricted airflow caused by a blocked filter reduces engine power output and increases fuel consumption, leading to a build-up of carbon deposits on overhaul components. Particles entering the combustion chamber through inefficient filtering can cause wear of valves and valve seats, leading to poor performance and potential damage to sensitive components such as turbochargers, piston rings and valves, all of which are expensive to repair

Weight1342 g
Outsite Diameter

197 mm

Inside diameter

152 mm


291/258 mm


MAN, Deutz, Iveco, MTU


36 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 51.08301.0016

Alco MD-5288, Donaldson B085056 ECB085056 , Fleetguard AF27877, AH8899, Hitachi 04228706, 4228706,
MAN 51083010015 ,51.08301.0016 ,51083040015 ,51084016012  ,51.08301.0015 ,51083010016 ,51.08304.0015 ,51.08401.6012
Scania 1529410, SF Schupp SL5928 BAUDOUIN-X6016000 ; BUCYRUS-3731203 ; DEUTZ 04228706EC016522  ; IVECO-8046915 ; LINDENBERG SERS51083010016 ; MTU-180941402 ; PACCAR-Y06022706 SAKURA AH-7905 ROCKFIL RF99004

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