As fuel enters, it moves past the internal check valve, then through the turbine centrifuge where it flows in a spiraling direction, spiming off large particulates and water droplets, which is being heavier than fuel, the large particulates and water droplets fall to the bottom of the bowl.

Weight 1552 g

Perkins, Massey Ferguson



Cross Reference For 4132A018

Massey Ferguson 4132A018 4226937M91 ULPK0038 4226144M1 K9234 4132A014 3681816M91 , 4132A002 , 4132A008 ,
4134M004 4225044M1 , 4225068M21 ,
4225183M1 , 4225293M21 , 4226144M1 , 4226175M21 4227427M91
4134M004 4226484M1 3679527M1 4226175M91
JCB F01/41320 232-7808 334/D8880 17/927800
CATERPILLAR 299-9265 2999265 270-6992 238-8864 391-5551 391-2704 233-9417 376-9229 207-2757
FG WILSON 10000-46303