Air breather filter is in the air breather valve, the valve is used to maintain a certain pressure in the tank, as well as heat dissipation. Release the pressure manually to prevent the air pressure impact when opening the oil tank. We need to put one air breather filter to filter the air in this part, you will find the suction strainers under the valve.

Weight24 g
Outsite Diameter

54 mm

Inside diameter

31 mm


40 mm




300 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 31EE-02110

HYUNDAI 31EE-02110 31EE-02110-A 31EE-02010 KUBOTA V0521-6591 Baldwin PA5316,
Case IHC 159702A1, Sure SFA3461, Volvo 14500233 VOE14500233 JCB 335/F0621
SAKURA A-71330 KUBOTA W9505-55071

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