Hydraulic oil filters have numerous advantages in the hydraulic industry. They are can classified in different types based on the applications, filtering method, size of pores, location of the filter and the amount of oil filtered.

Weight600 g
Outsite Diameter

90 mm

Inside Diameter

48 mm


275 mm


Doosan, Bobcat, Yanmar, Hitachi


100 PCS


Hydraulic filter paper

Cross Reference For 2474-1003A

DOOSAN 2474-1003A, 2474-1003N, 400504-00371, 2474-1003
24741003A 24741003N 40050400371 24741003
FLEETGUARD HF7922 HITACHI-3501404 ,4227354 3502410 ,3502410-N ,L3502410N ,U3502410NT
Baldwin PT8479 PT8359 SAKURA-H7912 ; SURE FILTER-SFH2410 WIX D98B10C
DONALDSON P502170 P550578 J8630401
P 50-2170, P 55-0578 , J 86-30401
BOBCAT 7004883
VMC-HF550578 AMC HO1907; BALDWIN-PT8359 ; KOBELCO HE24070 ;SAKURA-H7912 , H-7912 ; SURE FILTER-SFH2410
YANMAR X2474-1003A
SCHUPP SF HY9357, HY9780

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