Hydraulic cartridge filters, which need to be put in one assembly for using. The low to medium working pressure eco filter assemblies are also popular for using in return lines. These units have removable bowls with which filter cartridges are inserted. When a filter element becomes clogged, the bowl is screwed off, the cartridge removed and replaced, and then the bowl is screwed back on again. This design is more ecologically friendly, as it requires no bulky steel outer shell, is simpler to manufacture, and once used, cartridge elements are easier to drain of residual waste oil.

Weight1600 g
Outsite Diameter

94 mm

Inside Diameter

50 mm


230 mm


Kobelco, Komatsu


100 PCS


Hydraulic filter paper, Glass Fiber

Cross Reference For 2446U233-S2

Baldwin PT8404-MPG, Filtrec WG515, Kobelco 2446U233-S2, 2446U233S2
Woodgate WGH1908 WIX W01AG515
SCHUPP SF HY9045 ; HY90501
KOMATSU 20Y-970-1820, 20Y-62K-5890, 07063-11046, 070-63-11046
20Y9701820, 20Y62K5890, 0706311046, 0706311046
Fleetguard HF35530

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