The 2 types of fuel filters are spin-on and cartridge. The spin-on filters are the most common and are a steel canister with a paper filter inside. The cartridge filters are the older style and have plastic housings that require special tools to get them off. Keep in mind, both of these work best for certain types of vehicles and gas types. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you research before making your final decision.

Weight56 g
Outsite Diameter

40 mm

Inside Diameter

12 mm


42 mm


Mitsubishi, TCM, Nissan


500 PCS


Glass fiber, Fuel filter paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 20801-02061

TCM 20801-02061 N-16403-32200, N-16404-78213, N-16404-78225
MITSUBISHI 91H20-02350
HINO 31252-4016
HYSTER 30000102
HYUNDAI 20801-02061W
KALMAR AC 74942322
NISSAN 16403-32200 16404-78225
NISSAN 16404-68225
NISSAN 16404-78213
NISSAN 16444-76225
TOYOTA 23303-87301
YALE 220070366

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