2010PM 2010TM

The fuel filter helps to remove particulates such as rust, dirt, and microbial growth. Other models even remove water or both from your fuel system. Want to enjoy a smooth ride and save money too? We recommend that you buy the best Duramax fuel filter for your truck.

Weight205 g
Outsite Diameter

90 mm

Inside Diameter



69 mm


John Deere, Separ, Volvo


300 PCS


Glass fiber, Fuel filter paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 2010PM 2010TM

CLAAS 1131604.0 11316040
MAN 81.12503.0065 RACOR F15211 RENAULT 5000819352
SPAREX S.109193 VALTRA 5079602
Racor 2010PM, 2010PMOR, 2010PM-OR, 2010SM30 2010SM 2010SMOR , Sakura SF-1911-30
Donaldson P552014 P552013 P922010 FC01242 Baldwin PF59830, PF598-30,
PF598, FG Wilson 974897, 974-897, Fleetguard FS19575, FS20103 FS20101, Fram CS8597, John Deere RE11325, , Schupp SF SK3923/R, SK3923R, Separ 20130, Volvo Penta 3581760, Volvo 3917924 3581760-0 38553202, Woodgate WGFS1208/30, WGFS120830, WGFS1208-30
AC DELCO-TP995 ; BALDWIN-PF598 ,PF59810 ,PF59830 ,PF9838 PF508-10 CATERPILLAR-3I1251 ; ; EIMCO-69025170 ; FLEETGUARD-FS1208 ,FS1208N1 ,FS19575 ,FS20102 FORD-9576P552010 ; FRAM-CS5403 ; ISUZU-11324-001 ,13240-001 ,X13240001 ; JOHN DEERE-RE11325 ; MOTORCRAFT-FD807 ; RACOR-2010TM ,2010TMOR ,500FE ,500FF ,500FG ,500FGSS ,500SERIES ; SANDVIK-69025170 ,71198855 ; SEPAR-20102 ;SF-FILTER-SK3920 ; SINOTRUK-WG9725550002001 ; TAMROCK-71198855 ; VMC-FS552010 ; VOLVO-3917924 ; VOLVO PENTA-861014 WOODGATE-WGFS1208 ,WGFS120830 Sakura F1904, F-1904, SF-1911-2,
Schupp SF SK3920, Vauxhall GM 25011443, 25011444, 438851, Volvo 1147147, VOE1147147

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