Dirty or damaged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine, changing your car’s air-fuel balance. This imbalance can pollute spark plugs, causing the engine to miss or rough idle; increase engine depositions; and cause the ‘Service Engine’ light to turn on. More importantly, the imbalance also has a direct impact on your car’s exhaust emissions, contributing to the pollution of your surrounding environment.

Weight650 g
Outsite Diameter

104/148 mm

Inside diameter

64 mm


262 mm




20 PCS


Full adhesive paper, Composite paper

Cross Reference For 15741-11083

MANN C11004 Sakura A-566
BALDWIN-PA3476 ; BOBCAT-6682494 ; CASE-CASE IH-200045A1 ; FLEETGUARD-AF4939 ; FRAM-CA7088 ; ISEKI-15601032024 ,15601032025 1560-103-2024-0 15601032024, 156010320250, 15601E11 ; JLG-1730963 ; KOMATSU-3E8-012-5830 ,3EB-012-5830 ,3EC-012-5830 Z760125830; KUBOTA 15741-11083 ,815741-11081 15741-11083 15741-11080 15741-11081 15741-11083 17541-11081 ; MORBARK-29211629;SF-FILTER-SL8489 ; SURE FILTER-SFA5830 ; VMC-AF535362 DONALDSON P535362 J8558301 P522423, P533332,P778340 AMMANN 54-1574111083
CLARK EQUIPMENT 6682494 Alco MD-794 Virgis CH12716, CH-12716, CH15512, CH-15512, Woodgate WGA1087

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