Synthetic fiber media particulate cabin air filter, which contains long fiber non-woven fabric. Synthetic fabrics are all produced by polyester chips. They are all made by fusing, spraying, bonding and needling. If the degree fruit is not black, it is particularly white. Products of the same specification will be relatively thick. The cloth surface will have a certain length to know that the filaments are intertwined and interlaced, and there are relatively sparse needling points. The strength will be great, even if it is very thin, it is difficult to tear it with hands. The filter can eliminate almost 100% of exhaust and other air pollutants, which means that even if you are in traffic jam, your internal air circulation will be very clean.

Weight88 g

209 mm


122 mm


20 mm




100 PCS


Long Fiber

Cross Reference For 11q6-90510

Hyundai 11Q6-90510 12E1-3500 11Q690510 12E13500
BALDWIN PA30228 Schupp SF SKL46644

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